Why Proper Trenching Is Worth Considering

What’s in a hole – and why is it important? Turns out, digging the hole correctly, trenching, is worth its weight in gold.


Trenching is the skilled and thoughtful excavation of holes for the purpose of installing cables, pipes, and utility systems. It requires exact measurements and preplanning to control hazards and ensure there is minimal interruption of service through mistakes. Once a design is in place, it’s one of the first steps to completing your dream project. Trenching is just one of many amenities we offer.

Which trenching services do you provide?

We provide drainage, irrigation, and utility trenching services completed with exact technical expertise.

Have you ever walked into a house with unsightly water damage, erosion, and a nasty, moldy odor? It’s something we hate to see and smell. Drainage systems allow your property to actively disperse and expel water, sparing your home and yard from serious damage. It’s made possible with drainage trenching, which lets us install French drains, catch basins, and other drainage solutions.

Quality irrigation trenching will help your crops do more than survive – they’ll thrive with efficiently-laid pipes and irrigation systems. Our team has ample experience with irrigation trenching, as well as site restoration. That means we’ll backfill trenches, grade the land, and restore your property as closely to how it was as possible. Save for the improvements you’ll see with our quality irrigation trenching beneath the soil, it’s like we were never there.

For water, sewer, gas, and electrical utility line installations, choosing a company you can trust to estimate and excavate trenches is essential. Having your utility lines installed securely, at the correct depth, and matching all regulations isn’t an ‘option’. Mistakes made by an unskilled crew can have immediate, dangerous effects, such as cutting through existing utility lines. Precise installation can prevent countless future headaches, too – all of which won’t go away on their own.

utility trenching job site windsor
trenching job site windsor

Why Choose Legacy Exteriors Inc. For Your Trenching Needs?

Would you trust the integrity of your home to any company? You can’t guesstimate or fudge trenching measurements – it’s something our master crew simply won’t do. Unlike our utility lines, doing lousy work just wouldn’t sit right. Legacy Exteriors Inc. makes accuracy our specialty by using industry best practices and first-class equipment in all our trenching projects. We’ll complete it on time, as described, and within your budget.

There are other ways we go above and beyond. For our drainage projects, we implement erosion control, surface drainage solutions to manage flooding, stormwater management, and maintenance and repair. We even offer full drainage system design. No matter the project, our years of expertise allow us to address and work with unique trenching challenges, treating every case with care and the attention it deserves.

For Your Trenching and Other Projects, We’re Your Number One Choice

Legacy Exteriors Inc. is here for your trenching, excavation, septic tank, sod, and landscaping projects – and we’re ready to work. We are fully licensed and insured, giving you ample peace of mind and protection. Call us to realize your home, yard, and agricultural dreams. We’re ready to tackle any and every challenge, no matter how involved your vision is.

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We were very impressed with Alex and his exceptional work. He arrived on time and completed the job in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend his services!

Curtis Mannell, Home Owner

Alex went out of his way to make sure I was happy with his services and I was very impressed by his workmanship. He made the process simple and painless froim start to finish. Would definitely recommend.

Nick Kelly, Home Owner

Legacy did a great job! Removed some concrete, levelled and graded the yard, then installed sod. Well done!

Al B., Home Owner

Alex took out 4 big truck loads of dirt. He helped me get my garage foundation to where it’s at now plus took out dirt from my alleyway. He’s a professional and no one should be saying anything bad about his work!!I give him props for his age he’s very motivated and I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family! Thanks again Alex, keep up the good work brother!

Sreten Lalic, Home Owner

Alex did a great job levelling our backyard. Took away the weeds and dirt and even came back to collect extra debris. Great to work with and very professional. Would recommend him for your outdoor needs.

Manunited1964, Home Owner

Communication was great! I called for a quote and Alex showed up only 4 hours later. He said he could be here the next day! Super easy decision for me! Very professional quotes sent out via PDF he did on his phone. I was very impressed with his professionalism!

Shaylynn Vanderheyden, Home Owner

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