Avoid Winter Woes In Your Home With These Quick Tips!

Yes, winter is coming – and unless you have a gingerbread house, you’ll appreciate having a driveway that’s prepped for winter. You can avoid cold weather driveway disasters with a few tips, courtesy of Legacy Exteriors Inc.

Autumn is here, and with it comes its own set of challenges for your driveway. Those orange-brown leaves that you love seeing this time of year? They can rot, and if not removed, they can also attract fungal diseases and pests. Still, there’s one season with an appetite for destruction – and it comes just months after the leaves have fallen.

Clear and repair your driveway. You’ll thank yourself on December 1st


No matter if it’s made from gravel or pavement, give your driveway the maintenance it sorely deserves. That means removing leaves and debris, repairing cracks and holes, and unclogging drainage systems around your driveway. You should do this before freezing temperatures, and snow render the driveway inaccessible for cleaning. But why bother?

Undesirable objects, including plant debris and garbage, will block your drains. That leads to puddles that will eventually freeze. If the moisture reaches your driveway, you’re in big trouble – not only will this create slippery, dangerous ice patches if you’re off a major road, but it can lead to cracks and distress to your pavement or gravel base. There goes your budget for other landscaping work and holiday gifts! This issue is easily preventable.

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gravel driveway

Protect your gravel driveway from winter’s worst by Regrading and Scarifying

No matter what you’re driving, nothing is worse than hitting a pothole or bump every time you leave your home. It’s dramatically worse in the winter, where the cold weather poses a major threat to the stability of your driveway. Of course, this isn’t a job you want to have to complete in the frigid temperatures and poor weather of winter.

If you have a gravel driveway, it’s always a good idea to re-scarify and regrade your driveway to ensure potholes are filled in, and that water drains away from your home and garages. An effective “scratch and grade” will reduce moisture, and again, stop water from pooling and causing dangerous ice patches. Leave this tedious job to the professionals – like us! We can regrade gravel driveways with ease, as you’ll see by clicking the services tab in our navigation bar.

Ensure Your Shovels are Ready for Action!

This is a less obvious tip about a problem that can absolutely ruin your holiday season. Part of preparing your driveway for the winter involves ensuring your tools are in tip-top condition ahead of time, and to use proper form when shovelling and removing ice. You might be wondering: how did the shovel steal Christmas?

Imagine that gift you’ve been dying for this holiday season. Maybe it’s a PlayStation 5, or cooking station number five for next summer’s family barbeque. Now, imagine not being able to afford it thanks to a simple error with a shovel. Aggressively striking ice with your shovel’s blade isn’t a good idea in the first place – it’ll mark up your pavement and disorganize your gravel driveway – but sharp, cracked shovels are sure to cause expensive pits and damage. Thankfully, this is a very preventable problem – always buy a new shovel if yours are damaged.

A little advice? Give us a call this fall!

We hope these three tips helped you see just how important it is to keep your driveway in tip-top condition in the fall before winter strikes. With the help of Legacy Exteriors, you can prevent massive, costly damage to your driveway ahead of time. Our highly skilled team always delivers a driveway that will outlast years of frost. Drive on over to our services page to see how we can restore and even build your new driveway from scratch!

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