Moving earth? Choose the right excavation team!

Starting and finishing a construction and landscaping project starts with choosing a team with that follows through on their promises. If they’re promising unrivaled expertise in something like excavation, they’d better be able to prove it – because depending on the project, it’s often the next big step. You may be wondering if excavation is easy enough to do with a less skilled team. Can’t anyone dig a hole?

The answer is: unless you’re hiding a time capsule, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to finish an excavation project without a reliable team behind the equipment. The masters at Legacy Exteriors Inc. are more than dependable – excavation is our primary focus, and it’s always a project we take pride in completing. Here’s what makes excavation so important, and why you should rely on a contractor you can trust instead of a team armed with shovels and good intentions.

Excavation is less scary than it sounds. Here’s why.

Excavation is Legacy Exterior Inc.’s specialty – we have the experience and equipment to provide many services to property owners. Keep in mind what makes excavation so important is that it lays the foundation for every step that follows. Here are the benefits of excavation:

  • Excavation allows for enhanced landscaping, letting you design your landscape exactly the way you’d like.
  • Improved drainage across your lawn, in the alley between your home and your neighbour’s – you name it!
  • As a result of improved drainage, increased longevity of critical parts of your home – from utilities stored beneath the soil to your driveway.
  • If there is debris or damage to your lawn, it’s a good way to start over. Dead plants, sunken stones, and irredeemable soil? Not on our watch.
  • We also replace driveways to wipe out nasty potholes … and worse!

Our equipment can handle it.

Digging without a cause – the ultimate mistake

Not every project will require major excavation, but if enhanced landscaping is what you’re looking for, it’s important to work with a clean slate. That doesn’t mean you should work with a team who has a clean slate of experience! Here’s what you risk by choosing the wrong contractor.

  • A worker could hit a utility line, knocking out power, water, or gas to your home, with no promise as to when everything will be repaired.
  • A lazy team means equally lazy results. Not only will your project end up miles away from perfect, but the excavation process could even pass over to others’ property.
  • Potential injuries on the job are much higher with an inexperienced team. Delays and setbacks are also common, breaking the set project timeline.

On the other side of the coin, the right team will ensure your excavation project is done on time and as described. Don’t settle for a disorganized team that ‘wings it’. The best results come from a team that cares.

Services we – and you – can be proud of

We offer a full range of services, letting us complete projects from start to finish.

  • Grading and levelling, providing you with even terrain and flattening a bumpy lawn
  • Utility trenching (see this article for more details on our trenching services!)
  • Foundation excavation – the first step to many of our projects
  • Drainage system design to reduce standing water, which can freeze over this winter.
  • Basement waterproofing to protect your lower level from water damage and mold.
  • The list doesn’t end there!

We’re ready to start digging.


Legacy Exteriors Inc. ensures your project is completed not only to the highest standard, but as close to your landscaping dreams as possible. After all, we’re neither the judge nor the jury – we’re just the excavation-er.

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We were very impressed with Alex and his exceptional work. He arrived on time and completed the job in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend his services!

Curtis Mannell, Home Owner

Alex went out of his way to make sure I was happy with his services and I was very impressed by his workmanship. He made the process simple and painless froim start to finish. Would definitely recommend.

Nick Kelly, Home Owner

Legacy did a great job! Removed some concrete, levelled and graded the yard, then installed sod. Well done!

Al B., Home Owner

Alex took out 4 big truck loads of dirt. He helped me get my garage foundation to where it’s at now plus took out dirt from my alleyway. He’s a professional and no one should be saying anything bad about his work!!I give him props for his age he’s very motivated and I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family! Thanks again Alex, keep up the good work brother!

Sreten Lalic, Home Owner

Alex did a great job levelling our backyard. Took away the weeds and dirt and even came back to collect extra debris. Great to work with and very professional. Would recommend him for your outdoor needs.

Manunited1964, Home Owner

Communication was great! I called for a quote and Alex showed up only 4 hours later. He said he could be here the next day! Super easy decision for me! Very professional quotes sent out via PDF he did on his phone. I was very impressed with his professionalism!

Shaylynn Vanderheyden, Home Owner

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