April 19, 2024

Building a Walkout Basement? Run to Legacy Exteriors Inc!


What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘basement’? Musty odours? Humidity and mould? House centipedes? Not on our watch. The only tenants you’ll have in your walkout basement are the ones who pay to be there. You heard us right: a walkout basement can easily become a rental space due to its distance from your living area.

There’s no denying it’s an extra investment in your home, but it’s an investment with returns you’ll keep returning to. If you’re the entrepreneurial type or a budding landlord, it’s an easy way to make money in the short- and long-term. Even if you have no interest in doing business, there are countless other advantages to a walkout basement!

Take the right steps in building your dream walkout basement … and trust the right team to make that dream come true. Legacy Exteriors Inc. should be your first choice for your excavation and professional basement waterproofing needs; essential parts of the construction process that you can’t just skip. The amount of pre-planning, measurement, and physical labour involved makes this anything but a DIY job. Let’s start simple.

What is a walkout basement?

No matter how fancy you make your walkout basement, the term is telltale: it’s a basement you can walk out of! A walkout basement includes one or more exterior doors, usually leading to your backyard or the side of your home.  It’s built at a lower grade than your first floor and has larger windows instead of small openings. A walkout basement is accessible from the interior, though the extra doors mean you won’t have to trudge through the upper level to get in.

That’s it … the rest, you get to define. You can have a finished, furnished, and fabulous walkout basement that trades musty smells for fresh air, minus the mosquitos. If you’ve got more than one exit door, you’ve got an escape plan from those nosy neighbours. Leave them to fight amongst themselves and watch from behind the glass.

There’s always a reason to add space to your home. Collectors and hobbyists know the struggle of needing ‘more room’. Multi-generational household families can feel cramped in a small house. Building a walkout basement may require some lifestyle changes and additional security measures and alarms if your home is protected, but the possibilities for entertaining, creating livable space, and MAKING MONEY are endless.

…Wait! How can I make money with a walkout basement?

Walkout basements are more than secret exits and neighbourly subterfuge – they’re home value, and potentially income. Home buyers are already wowed by finished basements, but a finished walkout basement can certainly feel like a deluxe feature. Best of all, it’s easier to use your walkout basement as a breathable living space with its larger windows. There’s a lot to love about a home with a gorgeous walkout basement bathed in sun and moonlight.

If you’re not looking to sell your home, renting out an extra bedroom downstairs means money back in your pocket. With the housing crisis to contend with and a shorter supply of homes, your renters will appreciate having somewhere to stay – and you’ll appreciate the extra income. A walkout basement is certainly easier than having everyone stay on one floor.

Another way to make money from a walkout basement without having to share or sell your home? Run a business out of one! Your walkout basement can become your headquarters, all while staying disconnected from it after working hours. Whether it’s your personal office with occasional clients, or if your vocation calls for more technical or hands-on work, a walkout basement is properly ventilated and separated from the horrors of your kitchen sink or kid’s playroom.

We are here for the whole process.

If I’m not looking to sell or rent, why should I build a walkout basement?

There are many advantages to a walkout basement. Having a separated living space for older children to the many options for décor and design. If you’re not looking to rent out living space for tenants or family, it can become anything – a sports den, a game room, or even an additional bedroom. Your children, young and old, will love the extra space whether they live in the basement or not.

There’s a safety component to it, too: if you’ve ever experienced a house fire, you’ll be thankful for the ‘bonus doors’ in the basement. Having two extra exits in a crisis can be the difference between life and death. On the other hand, getting in is easier, too, if you’re locked out of your upper level in sub-zero temperatures or sweltering heat.

One last advantage, then you’re free to start planning. The privacy and comfort that comes with having a fully furnished, gorgeous walkout basement is unparalleled. You can still see family, friends, and other residents, but there’s some separation between family members that makes it feel more like a personal space.

Go Directly to Basement. Do not pass GO, but DO collect rent.

Despite some lifestyle adjustments, the large windows will light up your new living space, but the sun really shines when you discover the money you can make. It’s the beautiful income boost from renting, or the longer-term investment in your home or business that really makes everything worthwhile.

The team at Legacy Exteriors Inc. wants to bring down the house … literally. Make your basement an exciting new living area with help from the team at Legacy Exteriors Inc. Our experts have hundreds of hours of experience and use state-of-the-art tools and equipment, ensuring your land is excavated as neatly as possible, and your basement is properly sealed without hiccups down the line.

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