June 10, 2024

How Our Services Can Make Your House a Home


Frankly, if your lawn looks like Frankenstein’s monster – patchy and unlevel – it’s time to call a professional. Legacy Exteriors Inc. should be the first business you should call if your lawn needs that special touch. But what do we do, exactly?

Though we take our work seriously, we’re game for just about anything. From installing septic systems to laying sod, we cover the full gamut of exterior design and repair. We’ve helped Windsor and Essex County homeowners do it all – just as we’ve solved issues for our corporate clients. Here’s a list of all the services we offer:

Excavation and Trenching

Excavation is one of our specialties, alongside sod. It’s one of the first steps of any construction or landscaping project, one we plan with our clients to ensure they are satisfied. Excavation includes site preparation, grading and levelling, trenching, soil removal and disposal, foundation excavation, and any planned custom solutions needed to get the job done.

We also offer pool excavation and retaining wall excavation, as well as environmental remediation projects.

An offshoot of excavation is trenching, though it’s a standalone skill you won’t want to trust to a less experienced company or contractor. Creating trenches lets us install utilities, drainage, and even irrigation systems. We follow all applicable industry regulations, and ensure all systems are safely and securely installed. Whether you need excavation or trenching for your home or commercial project, we’re quick to help, yet thorough in our work.

Utility Trenching Worksite in Windsor

Sod Installation

An oasis in a desert is rarely real. A gorgeous lawn, on the other hand, is something you can feel between your toes and feel fuzzy every time you see it – perfect for those warm summer months we see in Windsor. Sod is a great solution for a home or business owner who wants results quickly without sacrificing quality or permanence. When it comes to sod, ‘instant’ and ‘fleeting’ aren’t on the same page in the dictionary.

We start by helping you choose the right sod for your property. There are a few sod types we offer to match your desired aesthetics and type of soil, tailored to Windsor and Essex County’s climate. Hands-on work begins shortly after as we prepare the site, lay the sod, and even offer aftercare guidance. Imagine the possibilities with a rooted sod yard. The morning dew has never looked so good.

newly sodded lawn in windsor

Driveway Installation and Repair

A well-constructed driveway is worth its weight in gold. No trips or stumbles when your parents visit. No sudden dips and falls on bikes and scooters. Fewer bumps and bounces as you back out in your car – and next to none when it’s handled by us. It’ll even improve your curb appeal, whether you’re looking to sell or keep your amazing home.

Steps here include driveway installation, repair and resurfacing, sealcoating, and maintenance. We also offer environmentally friendly options, such as permeable pavers, which use a porous material or are simply spaced to allow stormwater to flow between the gaps. Drainage solutions are always in mind as we design your driveway.

Want to learn more about driveways? Check out our driveway solutions blog.

a finished concrete driveway installed in Windsor

Landscaping Services

One service you might associate with Legacy Exteriors Inc. is landscaping. We’re lawn artists who have helped many clients get that beautiful lawn they’ve been looking for; even if we’re starting from scratch, every property has potential. Our services are comprehensive, and the jobs we complete are finished with care and precision. It’s something both parties can be proud of!

We’ve completed a variety of landscaping projects – from landscape installation of plants, trees, walkways, and patios to full yard drainage solutions. We even offer outdoor lighting installation and seasonal services, including spring and fall cleanups. Let’s work together to achieve your vision!

Septic Tanks and Systems

Sewage and garbage, begone! If you live in rural Essex County, you may not be connected to the local sewage system. Septic tanks ensure the organic and synthetic waste from your home is managed and disposed of. Unsurprisingly, an improperly installed or maintained septic tank can lead to one big mess.

Thankfully, Legacy Exteriors Inc. carefully assesses your property and what is required before starting the project.

We handle every part of installation, from excavation and site preparation to tank placement and system configuration. It’s all hands on deck for septic tank repairs, too, where we skip the hassle with a proper initial diagnosis of the issue, followed by a solution we’ll handle with care.


You can’t ‘go with the flow’ with drainage. Windsor may not see many downpour days, but the need for a complete drainage solution isn’t something you can just skip; erosion control and storm water management are impossible without it.

Thankfully, our team offers drainage services and more: from designing an efficient drainage system (and installing it!) to maintenance and repair on your new or existing arrangement.

Don’t let proper drainage ‘drift away’ from your mind’s eye! A worn drainage system will cause more problems than expected. Say no to your lawn or business front flooding and reduce the chance of mold, severe damage, and more. Get a hold on it now with our help.

That’s not to say we can’t save the day if you’re far past this point.

trenching job site windsor


You know how some fast-food restaurants have a secret menu? We finish projects the same way: how you’d like them, though that’s no secret! Our clients say as much: that’s because we mould our services based on your input as we complete the designing and planning process. It’s a tailored approach that works; the least we can do for our valued clients in Windsor and Essex County.

Legacy Exteriors Inc. is your go-to for grading, levelling, trenching for utilities and drainage, and even full-on excavation. We don’t just ‘dig holes’ where we please: we’re here to help you get rid of that wonky driveway or bumpy lawn. Call us at (519) 791-1506 or use the contact form above to let us know about your next big project. We’re looking forward to bringing your vision to life.

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